Ysgol Harri Tudur / Henry Tudor School is a mixed 11-18 comprehensive school situated in South Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Opened in September 2018, our new build is a £38 million pound Twenty First Century Schools development which aims to provide all pupils and students with a comprehensive and stimulating educational experience.

Temporary Suspension of Pupil Email

Regrettably, due to the receipt of abusive emails from  a very small number of pupil accounts this morning, we have taken the decision to temporarily suspend all pupil email  accounts while we investigate.

Please be assured that we have already reported the matter to the Police and wil pursue all avenues to establish and prosecute the culprit(s).

Thank You.

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Summer Examinations Results 2020

Collecting Results 2020 (1)

Summer Examinations Results 2020

Collecting Results 2020 (2)

Ysgol Harri Tudur / Henry Tudor School

September 2020

Please be aware that from the 1st September – 11th September, there will be a phased return, with all year groups having returned to school by 9th September, earlier than the statutory Welsh Government date of 14th September.

Tuesday 1st September

Pembrokeshire County Council Staff Planning day

Wednesday 2nd September

Pembrokeshire County Council Staff Planning day

Thursday 3rd September

Year 7, 12 + 13

Friday 4th September

Year 7, 11, 12 + 13 to 1:30 pm

Monday 7th September

Year 7, 10, 11, 12 + 13

Tuesday 8th September

Year 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 + 13

Wednesday 9th September

Year 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 + 13

Thursday 10th September

All Year groups

Friday 11th September

All Year groups to 1:30pm

Monday 14th September

All Year groups

  • School starts at 8:45 am prompt. We are asking that for the first couple of weeks of term that pupils do not arrive earlier than 8:30am. We hope to be able to return to our previous opening time of 8am in due course.
  • There will be no breakfast club initially – we will advise when this will start again, hopefully before half term.
  • Pupils will go straight to their period 1 lesson, where the first part of the lesson will cover the usual pastoral start to the day. Timetables will be available on the School Gateway from September 1st.
  • Full School Uniform is expected, including our compulsory items. Please note that trainers of any colour are not permitted, footwear should be black polishable shoes. Please respectfully note that black trousers should not be jeans, joggers, leggings, jeggings or chinos. Please see https://www.ysgolharritudur.cymru/school-uniform.php

We will also be offering additional outdoor sports to Year 8 and Year 9 on the following days, we will confirm the details/times and further information regarding this by Wednesday 2nd September.

Friday 4th September

Year 9

Monday 7th September

Year 8

Tuesday 8th September

Year 8

Useful dates

October Half term is from Monday 19th October – Friday 30th October inclusive.

INSET Days for 2020-2021 are:-































Friday Enrichment

Please note that there will be no Friday enrichment on Friday 4th September or Friday 11th September. Enrichment will begin once again at 1.30pm until 3.15pm on Friday 18th September, although we will advise what activities we will be able to offer in early September.

Ongoing Coronavirus Precautionary and Operational Measures

  • All pupils, students and staff will be asked to continue to wash their hands regularly, including on their arrival at school each day.
  • At the time of writing, staff and adult visitors will be required to socially distance in September.
  • All pupils students and staff will be advised to continue to use the hand sanitiser stations placed in every classroom, although if pupils wish to bring their own particular brand, that’s fine.
  • Pupils, students and staff are welcome to wear their own masks (operating hand hygiene measures around this) if they wish.
  • At the time of writing, pupils and students who use school transport are required to wear face masks on journeys to and from school.
  • Parents are encouraged to bring children to school themselves if they are able.
  • Parents are asked not to send children to school who have coronavirus symptoms and to please let us know, via Reception, if anyone in the household has symptoms or indeed a positive test result.
  • Secondary schools are different to primary schools in many ways but we have large year groups (between 230 and 235 pupils in each year group) and therefore we are reducing the number of pupils in our communal areas and limiting movement around our building ,also creating staggered break times throughout the day for different year groups. We are creating additional indoor spaces for pupils at break time but will be encouraging everyone to be in the fresh air. Pupils will be in their classes and teaching groups as per their new timetables. Our school building will have an ongoing one way system.
  • We will not be having any large ‘mass’ gatherings of pupils / staff until half term or until further advice is available.
  • We will continue to ensure that toilets are cleaned after every use in the new academic year.
  • Please be aware that whilst we do not want to have to close or lock down again either some year groups or the school as a whole, we are also planning for further contingencies in the event of a local or national direction.

We look forward to seeing your children in September, please stay safe and take care.

With all best wishes

Fiona Kite


Schools Out

PCC Summer Activities for Summer Hubs and

Summer Activities across PCC Youth Service

Please see the Welsh and English links below for full information:

Posters and Relevant Information

PCC Summer Activities for Summer Hubs

SummerActivies - Promo1 - 1080x1080px(E)SummerActivies - Promo1 - 1080x1080px(W)

Summer Activities across PCC Youth Service

Summer Activities Youth Services 2020-1Summer Activities Youth Services 2020-2Summer Activities Youth Services 2020-3Summer Activities Youth Services 2020-4


Download to view and access video link here

GCE GCSE Examination Results Summer 2020

Duke of Edinburgh Wales Achievements

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Duke of Edinburgh Wales have adapted their programme and resources to help participants continue their DofE from home and while socially distancing.

They want to recognise the achievements of young people at this time, particularly those who simply will not get to do an expedition this year. They have launched the 2020 DofE Certificate of Achievement to formally recognise everything they’ve achieved through their Skills, Volunteering and Physical sections.

We are delighted to tell you that the young people below, from Ysgol Harri Tudur, will be receiving this certificate in the coming weeks.  

Lewys Kettle

Chloe Morris

Georgia-May Shiels

Owain Turner

Lara Woodward

Many congratulations on your achievements. We are all very proud of you.

DofE Wales have also been hosting virtual support and training sessions and our staff have been continuing to engage with them to find creative solutions to help our young people to continue with their DofE. DofE Wales would like to pass on their thanks to staff.

Thursday 16th July : Letter to follow from Pembrokeshire County Council


A letter is being sent this week to Pembrokeshire parents and carers about return to school arrangements for September.

The letter, from Interim Director for Children and Schools, Steven Richards-Downes, follows Welsh Government guidance for the safe re-opening of schools after the summer holidays.

Mr Richards-Downes’ letter sets out that at the start of next term, schools will:

  • Reopen to staff on Tuesday, 1st September

  • Plan and prepare for the return of learners by reviewing risk assessments and processes to ensure schools can welcome learners back safely

  • Prioritise groups of learners to attend in the first week on the Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th September

  • Maximise the number of learners and increase numbers safely through the week beginning Monday, 7th September, leading to a full return by Monday, 14th September.

Schools will communicate directly with parents and carers about their arrangements.

Mr Richards-Downes writes: “Every school will have its own challenges to deal with. The will include things like staffing, catering, cleaning, transport etc.

“These will be worked through in detail over the next few weeks.”

It is important to note that there will be no childcare provision for the children of key workers in September.

Pembrokeshire County Council will continue to provide support to schools and the families they work with in the coming weeks.

The Authority will also continue to support headteachers and school staff who have worked under extreme pressure during the lockdown phase.

Mr Richards-Downes said the Council will continue to communicate over coming weeks and months via the Authority’s website and social media channels.

Mr Richards-Downes, added: “I would like to thank you for your support and working with our schools and us during this difficult time.

“I am confident that by continuing to work together we can make the return to our schools successful.”

For the latest advice and press releases relating to coronavirus, please view: www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/coronavirus

For press queries, please email: presspublicrelations@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Port of Milford Haven 
Anti-Tombstoning Campaign from the Port of Milford Haven

Milford Haven Port Authroity have put together some educational materials to be distributed about the Dangers of tombstoning in the Milford Haven Waterway.

With summer fast approaching its more important than ever for young people to understand that ‘Jumping’ is extremely dangerous.

Here you will find links to a short play they have put together in collaboration with Theatre Na Nog, Cardiff Harbour Authority and Arts & Business Cymru following the award winning ‘Would You Jump’ performance in 2017.

Just Jump Milford https://youtu.be/owAir0GLtNk

Jyst Neidia Milford https://youtu.be/Rf7_QB7BbAg

In addition to this, please find attached a booklet with more key information and facts about the Dangers of tombstoning. This booklet was created alongside Mid & West Wales Fire and Rescue, RNLI, Dyfed Powys Police and Pembrokeshire Youth Services.

All materials are in both English and Welsh.

Thursday 9th July 2020 : The Autumn Term

Welsh Government has announced that the Autumn term in Wales will start on Tuesday, September 1st, with all pupils in all year groups back in school by Monday 14th September at the latest.

Welsh Government have said that there will be a period of flexibility from 1st September – 11th September, as schools may want to focus on priority year groups, including those new to secondary schools, those sitting exams next summer or those in reception classes.

The Education Minister has said the Welsh Technical Advisory Group has recommended that schools “plan to open in September with 100% of pupils physically present on school sites, subject to a continuing, steady decline in the presence of Covid-19 in the community.”

Schools will return to full capacity with only limited social distancing within contact groups, she said. At full operations, a contact group should consist of around 30 children.

The Education Minister has said some direct or indirect mixing between children in different contact groups will also be unavoidable, but social distancing for adults should remain. She also said schools would be required to minimise the risk of transmission by taking other mitigating measures as well as including being “Covid Protected”.

This means they have carried out risk assessments and mitigated them with controls such as hand and surface hygiene and one-way systems. If early warning information shows a local incident or outbreak, nearby schools should implement appropriate restriction measures.

Welsh Government will be providing additional funding for catch up sessions for pupils. This will also target extra support at Years 11, 12 and 13, as well as disadvantaged and vulnerable learners of all ages.

She said the support package could include extra coaching support, personalised learning programmes and additional time and resources for exam year pupils.

We are expecting further guidance early next week and will update you with the plan for the return of pupils at Ysgol Harri Tudur, for September as soon as possible.

Revised Term Dates

Please see attached revised term date calendars for 2019 - 2020 and 2020 - 2021.

Please note that in addition to the designated staff training closure days shown for 2020 - 2021, there are an additional 4 days to be allocated.

Pembrokeshire County Council Key Worker Childcare Update

Year 6 Transition Site

The new Ysgol Harri Tudur Year 6 Transition Site is now live.

Here is the link Ysgol Harri Tudur Year 6 Transition Site

Year 6 Pupils Transferring to Secondary
PCC Cashless Catering Arrangements

All year pupils transferring to secondary schools in September will get new cashless catering card, parents do not need to apply for them.

Pupils will receive their cards and an information pack in the post during the school holidays.

Parents are reminded that all meals received in Primary schools need to be paid for before the beginning of next term as the secondary cashless account needs to be in credit before the pupil can access their account. Any parents experiencing difficulty should contact us at Cashless.catering@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Returning to School

Many thanks and sincere gratitude to the Facilities Team, Richard, Mark and Lee, who have continued to work throughout the period whilst the school has been closed. Not only have they reconfigured the school to provide a safe environment for pupils and staff alike within the current Covid-19 challenge, they have used the time to paint and clean both inside and outside of the school. Great work team, thank you.

Qualification Wales

Doing what’s right, not what’s easy

Staying home during this burst of spring weather is an essential measure as the country tackles the coronavirus crisis. We all know it’s the right thing to do, even though it can feel counterintuitive. It requires discipline, purpose and determination.

 By Philip Blaker, Chief Executive, Qualifications Wales 

The strong current messaging around spring sunshine and staying indoors is a sharp reminder that doing what’s right is not always easy. Nevertheless, when the stakes are high, it is crucial for the greater good. 

For a qualifications regulator, these are testing times. We now have more clarity on the way forward, especially for GCSE, AS and A level learners who had expected to sit exams this summer. However, frustration will be growing for large numbers of learners aiming for vocational qualifications, and quite rightly, their education leaders are keeping close tabs on any news of progress.  

In my most recent blog, I explained why the UK-wide vocational qualifications landscape is remarkably complex, requiring bespoke solutions rather than ‘one size fits all’.  

This is a wide-ranging set of qualifications which are fundamental for industry. They are far too important to risk. 

At this point, the easy thing to do would be to fill the gap with quick answers. For a short time that might provide some comfort as a sticking plaster. But quite clearly that would not be the right thing to do. 

Offering a plan which is not fully thought-through would only trigger more questions and - worse - could cause confusion and more frustration. That is the very last thing anxious learners or education professionals need as they wonder how all the hard work will pay off. 

We continue to work flat out with awarding bodies, fellow regulators and governments across the UK on this important quest. 

The clarity we all need will follow. For now, we must do the right thing with discipline, purpose and determination. Thank you to everyone who is supporting us by understanding. 

Qualifications Wales

Year 10, Year 12 – we hear you

Parenting was never designed to be an easy ride. But parenting through a pandemic is a whole new ball game.

 By Kate Stokes Davies, Director Communications & Stakeholder Relations, Qualifications Wales 

For many of us with teenagers, there was probably enough to think about even before Covid-19 hit. Then schools closed, exams were cancelled and everyone felt slightly lost - even though we knew it was the right action to take. Now we know schools are re-opening, but there are still many questions. 

Last month, we consulted on our arrangements for this summer, asking anyone interested to share their thoughts. We had more than 4,000 responses, with over half from learners. Later this month we’ll publish a summary of what we heard and the decisions made.  

Beyond our consultation questions, some contributors also wanted to tell us their thoughts on other specific aspects. One of these was the situation for those currently in Year 12 (AS level) and Year 10 (GCSE units).  

As mum to teenage learners - one in Year 10, one in Year 12 - I know first-hand how deeply disruptive this time has been as families have tried to make sense of the way forward.  In our house, nobody ever thought they’d miss the prospect of revision and looming exams - until suddenly they were no longer an option.  

If your household is going through similar turmoil, here’s the most important thing you need to know: all of us in the qualifications system in Wales understand how disruptive Covid-19 is. We have a number of brilliant experts working on viable solutions to this complex situation, with fairness firmly in focus as the guiding star. I see first-hand how passionate they are about it, working hard to find the way forward. 

For our family, like many others, the main frustration was the feeling that their years had been short-changed. Years 11 and 13 would get grades and could now kick back safely in that knowledge. Meanwhile, after all the hard work, Year 10 wouldn’t get grades for units and AS grades wouldn’t count towards next year’s results. Why not? 

There are very sound reasons why, which we’ve explained in this blog on AS level and this one on GCSE units. In short, to calculate results this summer exam boards need teacher judgements on grades. They aren’t asking for exact marks because that would be an unfair request which would generate unreliable data. For GCSE unit and AS results, the specific marks from exams contribute to the end grade at GCSE and A level. Broader grades simply aren’t specific enough to work, and rank ordering can’t help narrow this to marks. 

The reality is, we can only work with what’s possible while protecting the qualifications system. Protection means maintaining the integrity of grades and the value of qualifications, regardless of which year they are awarded – which ultimately helps protect standards and protect learners past, present and future.  

But it’s important to understand, that’s not where it ends. Working closely with WJEC, we’re looking carefully at next summer when these same learners will be due to sit A levels and GCSEs. Nobody knows yet what the next 12 months will bring, so we’re planning for a range of scenarios. We’ll need to consider adjustments, balanced really carefully with the need to protect the integrity of the qualifications. The trick will be adapting without undermining credibility. 

It’s too early to say what next summer will look like. But we understand the disruption learners have gone through as centres swiftly switched to distance and blended learning. This blog outlines some of the things we’ve been thinking about as we plan ahead. 

For families across Wales, disruption continues for a whole host of reasons and we all want to understand ‘what next?’ As well as GCSEs, AS and A levels, there’s also a wide range of vocational qualifications which we’re working on. For our young people, life feels particularly strange and the future feels uncertain on so many levels.  

We want them to know that we are here and we understand. Although none of us has the luxury of perfect answers in this extraordinary time, we are doing everything we possibly can to help learners on their journeys.

Published 9 June 2020

CHILDREN AND COVID-19 : WHAT WE KNOW - Information for Teachers and Parents

CHILDREN AND COVID-19  WHAT WE KNOW Information for teachers and parents

School Colours Tie Award

The Friends of Ysgol Harri Tudur/ Henry Tudor School have generously funded the development and purchase of a school colours tie. These will be awarded to pupils and students who have shown excellence in Sport, Music or Drama or who have overcome personal difficulty to be the best that they can be. These will be awarded on a termly basis, starting in September 2020 following nomination from a member of staff and decided upon by a committee of pupils. staff , governors and Friends of Ysgol Harri Tudur/ Henry Tudor School. 

image School colours Tie

We will also shortly be making an announcement regarding awards for recognising both academic achievement and progress .....

Watch this space ......

We are missing you all and look forward to seeing you really soon...

For best results please use the "View in full screen" button (the middle icon of three at the bottom right of the video).

Pembrokeshire Pupil Development Grant Plus

Pembrokeshire PDG Plus is a Pembrokeshire County Council scheme to help parents in difficult circumstances with school uniforms.

From April 2019, Pembrokeshire CC will offer a grant to families facing ‘exceptional circumstances’ to support school uniform and school equipment costs.

PDG plus is available for any school-age child - your child does not have to be entitled to free school meals.

Wednesday 24th June : Face Masks and Coverings

Please see a very useful and helpful Welsh Government guidance page regarding the use of face masks and coverings.

Next Phase : Mindfulness Teaching for Pupils

As part of the next phase for our school, from June 29th and in acknowledgement of the Education Minister's Check-in, catch-up and prepare for September wellbeing strategy, we are offering an opportunity for all pupils to receive teaching in the principles of Mindfulness and the .b programme. These optional, bookable sessions will be led by Ms R Dean, a qualified teacher and Mindfulness Practitioner. We are offering this on two different dates, Wednesday 15th July and Wednesday 22nd July, from 10am-1pm and with a maximum of 8 pupils on each occasion. This approach is proving to be a successful and highly useful coping strategy for young people and adults alike. More details about mindfulness and our visiting teacher are available as PDF's below. Please book pupils onto these sessions by emailing mindfulness@yht.wales 

Ms R Dean has been doing some work with Jerome Flynn over the past few months, he's a patron of MiSP (Mindfulness in Schools Project) and a huge advocate of Mindfulness. Here's the link to a wellbeing webinar with Jerome that some parents might be interested in having a look at

Wednesday 24th June 2020 : Pupil FAQ's

The Pembrokeshire Youth Forum has been meeting virtually during lockdown and compiled a list of questions that they would like to ask their schools as preparations are being made for the return to the next phase, Check In, Catch up and Prepare.  Our Pupil Governor, Lewys Kettle and another of our pupils Naomi Evans, also Chair of Pembrokeshire Youth Assembly have answered these questions from their perspective. Please find these questions and our pupils' responses in the attachment below.

Health & Safety at Ysgol Harri Tudur

Covid-19 #1

Returning to School Safely

Coronavirus is still with us and we are learning to live with it. At Ysgol Harri Tudur we are putting the safety of our Pupils, Students, Staff, Parents, Governors, Visitors and the wider school community at the forefront of everything that we do, as we move into the next phase of Check in, catch up and prepare from Monday 29th June 2020.

To help with understanding the changes that have been made to the school and how we will be operating, we will be uploading a walk though video to show the Pupils, Students and Parents what to expect when they come to school.

What changes have been put in place?

  • reduced numbers of pupils, students and staff in school at any given time
  • staggered arrival and departure times
  • social distancing requirement- currently 2m
  • 8 pupils / students in a classroom with a member of staff
  • increased signage in school reminding everyone to observe social distancing and hand washing.
  • pupil and staff individual toilets will be cleaned after every use - cleaning rotas have increased to enable this to take place.
  • external hand washing facilities
  • safe, socially distanced marked routes into school
  • designated isolation room for pupils for staff who have Coronavirus symptoms whilst at school
  • drinking water fountains will be disabled, although drinking water will be available
  • hand driers in toilet facilities have been replaced with disposable paper towels
  • cleaning throughout the school day
  • thorough cleaning at the end of each day
  • hand sanitiser stations in all classrooms
  • a one-way system in the school building

Thank you for understanding why these measures are in place.

If you want to ask about any of the measures that that have been put in place, please contact the school via: contact@yht.wales

Thank you.

Children & Young People's Wales Diabetes Network

Preventing delayed diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes in children and young people. The onset of Type 1 Diabetes is a medical emergency and is fatal if untreated. 

  • View Letter from Children & Young People's Wales Diabetes Network

Symptoms of Type 1 diabetes

Back To School

Please see attached information provided by SUSTRANS with regard to walking and cycling to school

Pembrokeshire County Council - Road Safety Officer Transition Booklet for Year 6 Pupils - to use when thinking of travelling to their new secondary school in September.


Image by Author and Artist Charlie Mackesy (https://www.charliemackesy.com/)

and published in his book The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse

Monday 8th June 2020 : Ysgol Harri Tudur's Show Choir says
Thank You to the NHS and Key Workers

Please have a look at the video from Ysgol Harri Tudur's show choir which is a thank you to the NHS and Key Workers. 

Very well done to all of those involved ! 


From June 2020, the school will no longer be accepting cash for the payment of School meals.

All coin loaders will be removed and replaced with balance checkers so that pupils can check their balance.

School Counselling Service – Pembrokeshire

The School Counselling Service – Pembrokeshire is now able to offer online and telephone counselling sessions for young people aged 10 to 19. To book a session or find out more email: amanda.griffiths@pembrokeshire.gov.uk or phone 07879694943 during working hours.

Year 11 : Pembrokeshire County Council Outreach Worker Support

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Sixth Form Student ( & Parent / Carer) Letter
Keeping In Touch Letters to Parents/Guardians

IMPORTANT UPDATE : Tuesday May 12th

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing this morning to update you all with two pieces of information that require clarity. I am doing this because of some queries which have come to us over the last twenty-four hours. Please accept my apologies if you are already familiar with the contents of this update.

Firstly, pupils and students at Ysgol Harri Tudur/ Henry Tudor School will not return to school on June 1st. This is because there are no plans for any schools in Wales to return. Welsh law is different to that of England and the Welsh Government are making their own decisions about the roadmap out of lockdown. We understand that many of you will be worried about your children's education, along with vast numbers of parents across the world. Schools in Wales will not return in any capacity until the Welsh Education Minister's five criteria have been fully met. These five criteria are:

  1. The safety and mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of students and staff
  2. Continuing contribution to the national effort and strategy to fight the spread of COVID-19
  3. Having the confidence of parents, staff and students – based on evidence and information – so that they can plan ahead
  4. Ability to prioritise learners at key points, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds
  5. Consistency with the Welsh Government’s framework for decision making, to have guidance in place to support measures such as distancing, managing attendance and wider protective actions

Our website is where, for the last fifteen months, we have posted updates, given out information and kept all of our parents. pupils, students and wider community informed of information. We are also using text messages and email. It is therefore essential that school has the correct contact information, so that all relevant information can be communicated, now more than ever before. We are also communicating with our pupils and students on Google classroom. We will not send out any paper communication, other than packs for our new Year 7 parents.

Thank you so much for all of your lovely messages of support and thank you’s in these absolutely unprecedented times. Some of our pupils have also shown great acts of kindness to others – if you would like to nominate your son/daughter or another pupil at this school please let us know and we will add them to our roll of honour. We will be proud to celebrate their achievements.

Google classroom is our on line learning platform and we are also providing paper work packs where IT access is problematic. Engagement rates with work is generally good but we support other forms of learning other than constant screen use as well. Our website contains lots of useful information about Google classroom and many helpful resources to support learning and wellbeing at this time.

A reminder of some contact information

For help with ICT – workingfromhome@yht.wales

For help/queries with teaching and work issues, please contact your child’s subject teacher or mentor by email ( firstinitialsurname@yht.wales staff list can be found here) or Mr Crichton, Deputy Headteacher tcrichton@yht.wales

Year 11 examinations /results – ajames@yht.wales Mrs A James

Sixth Form queries – jojones@yht.wales Mr J Jones

Safeguarding and wellbeing concerns – aandrews@yht.wales Mrs A Andrews

To update the school with parental contact information – updatedetails@yht.wales

All teachers can also be contacted through Google classroom

Nominate a pupil for an act of kindness – headteacher@yht.wales

Finally, we understand that some of you will be balancing and managing complex situations at home like all of us. We must keep going for some time. I came across this yesterday and thought you might like to see and hear it.


Above all else, stay safe, stay home and please look after you and yours.

With all best wishes

Fiona Kite


Some Lovely Words

I heard a little rumour
Don't know if it's true
That the world is going to be at peace
For at least a month or two

I heard that folk must stay at home
And spend some time with their kin
Slow down, relax and take a breath,
And find some peace within

And though we may be worried
About money, jobs and bills
We will notice beauty everywhere
Blue skies, fresh lakes, green hills

And when a month or two is over
And we can all go back to our lives
People will show gratitude
That their loved ones all survived


Top Ten Tips to Support Parents During COVID-19 Restrictions

Please find attached latest resources to support parents with child development during Covid-19

Tanyard Youth Project


Information from the Additional Needs Department 

We appreciate that during this difficult time pupils with additional needs and their parents may feel isolated and worried. The ALN team will continue to offer advice and support. If you wish to contact us please use the emails listed below.

Ann Andrews, ALNCO/Assistant Headteacher:


Sue Beasley Assistant, ALNCO: 


Neil Truman, Head of the LRC: 


Please see attached helpful booklet which was put together by colleagues in Community Family Psychology, Neurodevelopmental Team and Children’s Occupational Therapy (20th March 2020)

Pembrokeshire County Council Ipad Provision

As a school, we are fully aware of the challenges so many homes face, where they are trying to access our virtual school, in a situation where there is simply not enough equipment for each child to work on.

Whilst we welcome the announcement from Pembrokeshire County Council, it is worth remembering the 500 ipads are for all schools in Pembrokeshire; primary and secondary. At the moment, there is no timescale for the release of the equipment and no process by which parents and guardians can apply for the equipment.

Given this, please remember that it is okay for children within a family to share the equipment, we understand that not all tasks will be completed. In this difficult time, we don’t want parents and carers to become stressed by incomplete work/activities. If access to equipment is a problem, it is really good to think of other forms of education. Children can help with household chores; cook a family meal; watch documentaries; help teach younger brothers and sisters timetables etc.

Pembrokeshire County Council:

Plans are being finalised to loan 500 iPads to Pembrokeshire school pupils to help them get online and aid learning at home.

The devices will help ensure that pupils without access to digital learning do not miss out while schools are closed during the coronavirus outbreak.

To ensure that pupils are able to get online, even in homes without internet access, Pembrokeshire County Council is to buy 500 4G MiFi mobile internet devices.

These will be loaned alongside the iPads to help pupils access the online learning resources organised by schools.

The 4G service will provide a basic level of content control and while not a replacement for in-school filtering, will provide restrictions for content unsuitable for children.

Schools are currently being contacted to determine supplies of iPads available for loan and to organise collection, testing and installation of relevant apps.

Where schools have insufficient devices, stock will be loaned from an alternate school or via the Hwb Transformation Programme.

Supporting packs for set up and further dedicated support is being organised.

The Council will also buy 500 tough cases to provide protection for the devices during their loan period.

It is accepted that there is the risk of damage during the loan period and neither parents nor the school would be expected to cover any cost of damage in such circumstances.

Once the method for loaning an iPad has been agreed further details will be released.

Operation Encompass

Supporting Children Through Key Adults. 

All schools in Pembrokeshire currently take part in a project called Operation Encompass that runs jointly between schools and Dyfed-Powys Police as a county wide initiative.

Monday April 20th : Virtual School Open for Learning

Good morning everyone. We hope that you are all staying safe and well and looking after one another. Virtual school is open and your teachers and mentors are available for you remotely. 

Thank you to all parents, pupils and students for your hard work to date. Please be assured that our expectation is that all of our learners progress at a pace that is appropriate to them and one that allows them to make progress. There is no expectation that pupils and students work solidly for 5 hours each day.

As parents, please encourage pupils and students to work on tasks, allow them to stop when enthusiasm and concentration are dipping and most importantly, reassure them that it is not absolutely essential to complete all the given tasks in an hour. Pupils and students should work at their own pace and be confident and proud of what they achieve. 

For all technical issues, please continue to email workingfromhome@yht.wales, for any learning issues, please contact your child's subject teacher or mentor by email or Mr Crichton, Deputy Heateacher tcrichton@yht.wales.

Domestic Abuse Advice and Support

Dyfed Powys Police are still offering support to people living with domestic abuse even in the midst of COVID19.

Please see the attached Help and Support document for those who are experiencing (or know someone experiencing) abuse and sexual violence during the coronavirus emergency.


Dear Learner,

A message for all Summer 2020 GCSE, AS, A level and Skills Challenge Certificate learners.

I appreciate the announcement to cancel exams this summer will have been unsettling for you as learners, and that you are urgently waiting for news. To keep you informed, I wanted to let you know what we are doing to provide you with grades that you can use to progress to sixth form, college, university, training or work.

Our aim is to treat you as fairly as possible this summer.

How will grades be calculated? Most GCSEs, AS and A Levels that learners in Wales have been entered for will be awarded by WJEC. The Skills Challenge Certificate is only awarded by WJEC. If you are entered for a GCSE, AS or A Level offered by a different exam boards, the same principles will apply. Your schools, colleges and other exam centres will be asked to send exam boards two pieces of information for each of your qualifications, based on what they know about your work and performance:

  • the grade they believe you were most likely to get if teaching, learning and exams had happened as planned
  • the order of learners, by performance, within those grades. Your centre will consider a range of evidence like your class and homework; your results in assignments and any mock exams; any non-exam assessment you might have done; and your general progress during your course.

This information will allow WJEC and other exam boards to gather and compare grades across centres. Together, we want to make sure that results are fair and that, as far as possible, learners are not advantaged or disadvantaged because their centres are more generous or harsh than others when making those judgements. That means the final grade you get could be different from the one your centre sends to WJEC or other exam boards.

What do I need to do? Nothing. Your teachers will review all the work you have done so far, any new work set will not influence this summer’s results. Teachers may continue to set work to ensure that all teaching and learning has been completed and help prepare you for next year. The data (grades and rank order) that will be provided is confidential and cannot be shared with you as learners, your parents or carers. Please don’t ask your teachers, or anyone else at your centre, to tell you the grades they will be sending to exam boards or where they have placed you in the order of learners. This is to help ensure the information submitted by schools and colleges is as fair as possible.

When will I get my results? We’re working hard to make sure you get results as soon as possible – and no later than the published dates of 13 August (AS and A level) and 20 August (GCSE). We will confirm dates as soon as we can.

Can I take my exams another time?

There are already exams available in GCSE English Language, Mathematics, Mathematics-Numeracy and Welsh Language in November each year. You can enter for these exams in November 2020. Other exams will be available, as usual, in summer 2021.

Keep informed We’ve published a set of FAQs here that you and your parents or carers might find useful. There are also regular updates on our website (www.qualificationswales.org) and social media (@quals_wales on twitter and @qualswalescymcymru on facebook) that you might want to follow. We’ll keep you updated.

Philip Blaker

Chief Executive Qualifications Wales

Qualifications Wales Q2 Building, Pencarn Lane Imperial Park, Newport NP10 8AR 01633 373 222

Cymwysterau Cymru Adeilad Q2, Lôn Pencarn Parc Imperial, Casnewydd NP10 8AR 01633 373 222 www.qualificationswales.org

Sport Pembrokeshire - New Digital Learning Zone

In light of the current Covid19 situation, Sport Pembrokeshire have created a secure digital learning platform for all learners to access ideas, hints and tips on sport and physical activity (via Hwb).

The ‘SP Learning Zone’ includes links to a variety of different sports and activities across all age ranges to hopefully encourage parents and pupils to keep active at home.

The platform is now ‘live’! Please note that this fantastic new resource is a work in progress and will evolve and grow in the weeks and months to come as Sport Pembrokeshire staff populate the learning zone with new material.

You can access the ‘SP Learning Zone’ from home.

If you have any queries about the ‘SP Learning Zone’, please feel free to get in touch with Sport Pembrokeshire via sportpembrokeshire@pembrokeshire.go

Support for Parents of Pupils with ALN, Learning at Home

The attached documents are written to support parents of children with, social communication needs and learners with SpLD, to navigate the home education process and support structure and routine in the home:

School Based Youth Worker

Please find contact details of our School based youth worker on the attached PDF

Resources and Information for Parents, Carers, Schools

and Supporting Professionals During the Coronavirus

Please note: This document has been compiled by Educational and Child Psychologist’s throughout the UK. 

Learning at Home

Dear Parents, Pupils & Students,

Firstly, thank you for all the hard work that has gone into maintaining learning during this difficult time. It has been really heart-warming to see the level of engagement from students, teachers and parents.

I just wanted to reassure our pupils and students (and parents) that the expectation is that our learners progress at a pace which is suitable to them. There isn’t an expectation that pupils and students work solidly for 5 hours each day. We want our learners to be enjoying the activities, maintaining their enthusiasm for learning whilst the physical school is closed.

What we can do as parents is to encourage pupils and students to work on tasks, allow them to stop when enthusiasm and concentration levels are dipping and most importantly, reassure them that it is not essential to complete all the given tasks in an hour. Pupils and students  should work at their own pace and be confident and proud in what they achieve.

For all technical issues, continue to email workingfromhome@yht.wales. For any other queries contact me on tcrichton@yht.wales.  

Thank you all once again for making this imperfect system work as best we can.

Mr T Crichton

Deputy Headteacher

Help and advice to Support Pupils 

Attached is a booklet that includes some help and advice to support you as you work from home. It includes information about work and importantly, about daily routines and looking after your own wellbeing.

Thursday 26th March 2020 : Young Minds Helpline

Advice Helpline for Parents

YoungMinds Parents Helpline

YoungMinds Parents Helpline is available to offer advice to parents and carers worried about a child or young person under 25.

You may have questions about a child’s behaviour, emotional wellbeing, or mental health condition. You may have a child who’s already been admitted to CAMHS and have questions about their treatment or want to know what to say to your GP when you visit them.

YoungMinds trained advisers are available to give parents help and advice, whatever the question.

Call the Parents Helpline its free Mon-Fri from 9.30am to 4pm – available in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Phone: 0808 802 5544

Calls may be recorded for monitoring or training purposes.

Outside of the Parents Helpline hours

Out of operating hours, you can contact the Parents Helpline via YoungMinds online contact form: https://youngminds.org.uk/find-help/for-parents/parents-helpline/

DRAMA ACTIVITIES TO DO AT HOME : Wednesday March 25th 


Accessing School Counselling & National Counselling Support During This Difficult Period

Things to do - Recommended reads and activities

We are all understandably feeling a bit unsettled by events at the moment; one way to distract ourselves, and a proven boost to our wellbeing and mental health, as well as a great way of keeping our minds active, is to lose ourselves in a good book!

Ysgol Harri Tudur pupils and staff don't need to worry if they have books on loan from the school library – all the dates have been automatically extended until we’re back in school. Just take the time to relax and enjoy your reading!

Our Librarian, Mrs Smith, has put together some recommendations for reading-related activities, videos, author and illustrator websites, suggested good reads, etc.

Although our Library may be physically closed, Mrs Smith is happy to help with any questions regarding reading for pleasure, book recommendations, research and study skills, and print and online information sources. Just get in touch.

Tuesday March 24th : TIPS FOR FAMILIES

Please see a useful document offering tips and advice to families during this pandemic. 

PCC Inclusion Service ALN resources and Links for Parents and Schools

Useful Learning Websites

The attached is a list of reading-related websites, which have activities, videos, reviews etc.

Pembrokeshire Music Service | New Digital Learning Zone

In light of the current Covid19 situation, Pembrokeshire Music Service have created a secure digital learning platform for all learners to access continued music provision (via Hwb).

The ‘PMS Learning Zone’ includes links to a variety of tutorials and resources which will hopefully encourage pupils to continue to practice their instruments at home. It also provides a ‘fun zone’ with links to entertaining music videos and performances.

Importantly, the platform is for all students to access, whether or not they currently gain tuition from the Music Service. The learning zone will provide resources across all instrument families and grades (from pre grade 1 to grade 8).

The platform is now ‘live’! However please note that this fantastic resource has only been created within the last 7 days and will evolve and grow in the days and weeks to come as Music Service staff populate the learning zone with new material.


Any queries about ‘PMS Learning Zone’, please feel free to get in touch with the music service via music.service@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

From the Headteacher

Welcome to our school and to the new school website of Ysgol Harri Tudur / Henry Tudor School.

Ysgol Harri Tudur is a 1250 on roll, nine form entry 11-18 school situated between Pembroke and Pembroke Dock. It has new and enviable facilities, in a school building which opened in September 2018. We are determined to follow through our vision of excellence, achievement and success. We will be relentless in ensuring that there are no gaps in our attainment and that no student is left behind.

The Estyn inspection of November 2018 judged the school to be in need of significant improvement. We believe that on their return visit the significant changes that have been underway since the inspection after ten weeks in our new school, to ensure that our students achieve the best possible outcomes, will be evident. The systems and structures in the school have been reviewed and the way in which we do things has been changed and are always under review and monitoring. There is significant support for the school from both Pembrokeshire Local Authority and ERW (Education through Regional Working).

Our website is where we will keep you abreast of everything we think you need to know. We also use text and email to contact parents. We are moving away from any paid or pupil posted letters, and from September 2019 will post all letters, forms, etc on our website.

— Mrs Kite, Headteacher

Some highlights of our school

Teaching and Learning Facilities

Brand new top-of-the-range teaching and learning facilities

Exciting and stimulating up-to-date science labs and equipment

Science 001
Library 005

Our vibrant Library is a central learning space for all, promoting reading for pleasure, enquiry-based learning and information literacy.

Dedicated sports facilities and a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities

Ben Watson

Talented pupils and students with a broad variety of interests (see our Roll of Honour)

Partner Organisations

Pembrokeshire Youth ServicesWelsh Local Government AssociationValeroMilitary Preparation SchoolRotary Club of PembrokeScarlets Community Logo

Pembroke Cluster of Schools

Ysgol Gelli Aur / Golden Grove SchoolLamphey SchoolYsgol Gymunedol Doc Penfro / Pembroke Dock Community SchoolPenhyn Church in Wales VC School