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Important Announcement  |   Temporary Suspension of Pupil Email

5th August 2020

Thursday 9th July 2020  |   The Autumn Term

9th July 2020

09 July 2020  |   Pembrokeshire County Council Key Worker Childcare Update

9th July 2020

Important Information  |   Important information for Parents of Year 12.

Dear Parent,
Your son / daughter in Year 12 has been issued with two fortnightly feedback reports for June and a summary of their engagement during the first two months of Lockdown, the last of which was sent this weekend. All have been sent by me using the Google Classroom platform (which all students are familiar with) and were carried out by students' teachers in order to provide a formal final end of year report update which will reflect students' preparedness and inform progression into Year 13.
Students have been issued a score for Lockdown up until 31st May and then 2 fortnightly reports for June. The scores are indicative of work as follows:
Students' engagement and work indicated by following scores:

3 = Has engaged in MOST or ALL work either during online lessons or independently / Has submitted MOST, if not ALL tasks set during Lockdown (or defined period)
2 = Has engaged in SOME (roughly 50%+) work during online lessons or independently / Has submitted SOME (roughly 50%+) of any tasks set during Lockdown (or defined period)
1 = Has engaged in FEW (less the 50%) of work during online lessons or independently / Has submitted FEW (less than 50%) of any tasks set during Lockdown (or defined period)
0 = Has engaged in NO work during online lessons or independently / Has submitted NO tasks set during Lockdown (or defined period)
Students have been given two scores in each interval, the first for actual engagement, the second for work undertaken e.g. 2x0 = 0s in both commitment and work, 1/0 = 1 for virtual teaching engagement and 0 for work undertaken / submitted).
Please go over your son / daughter's scores over the Lockdown period with them, ask to see their Google Classroom posts. I am aware that whilst many students will have been diligent and consistent in their work, some have been giving the impression they have done copious amounts but in fact have done very little in some subjects.
Where students have repeatedly received 0s or 1s this could reflect their unwillingness to engage in work or inconsistent attendance to virtual lessons / reluctance to seek advice / lack of work submitted / poor quality of engagement or work submitted and therefore progression into Year 13 in those subjects must be drawn into question when you consider how little AS/A Level work this means when looking at the table above. Every student has encountered their own challenges during Lockdown, but a continued lack of engagement with work means that students will not be sufficiently prepared for ongoing study in this demanding and non-compulsory phase of education. We will always try to support our students in every way possible, as staff have being doing throughout the physical school closure, but we must also be realistic that where students have failed to engage this may be reflective of them demonstrating an intention to withdraw from studies.
Where students have received 0s and 1s in their final fortnightly report (to be shared in the week commencing 13th July), or an average of these scores across their teacher feedback, they will not be issued automatic progression into Year 13. Instead, they will be issued with a Progress Contract at the discretion of their teachers which will be reviewed monthly and will form a conditional advancement into Year 13, though it is also very likely that some students will be withdrawn from some subjects where they have shown almost zero engagement.
Where students have regularly received 2s and 3s they should be congratulated and they will be rewarded in due course by having given themselves the best possible chance of success in next year's exams. Where students have only received 2s or 3s during any of the assessment intervals they have not been given their individuals scores, but their efforts have been formally acknowledged and their work praised. These students, subject to achieving sufficient grades in August (D grade minimum), will be given unconditional progression into Year 13.
A formal report which summarises students' level of engagement during the virtual school service will be issued shortly. This report will likely draw upon evidence from the two feedback intervals in Google Classroom and will be followed by one further fortnightly report sent directly to students.
Parents will also notice that ALL students have been invited via their Google Classroom posts to take part in virtual double lessons with each of their subject options PLUS Welsh Baccalaureate over the next two weeks (starting from today, week commencing 6th July 2020). All students are expected to attend these sessions, and significant input is expected in particular from those students who have been identified with 0s and 1s in the feedback mentioned above.
As part of the school's ongoing social distancing protocols, the issuing of results sheets on the AS/A Level results day on the 13th August will be undertaken digitally with students sent their results on the morning of the 13th August via Google Classroom. More information on this service will follow in due course.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries on you son/daughter's progress feedback or any other matter.
Yours sincerely and I hope you and your families are well.
Mr Jon Jones

6th July 2020

Important Information :  |   For pupils in receipt of Free School Meals

26th June 2020

Important Bus Timings/Transport Information    |   Next Phase of the Return to School from June 29th 2020

23rd June 2020

IMPORTANT : Thursday 18 June 2020  |   Extremely Vulnerable’ or Shielding Pupils

18th June 2020

Critical Worker Childcare Provision  |   22nd June – 25th July

18th June 2020

IMPORTANT: Catch up and Prepare for September  |   Next Phase of the Return to School from June 29th 2020 Ysgol Harri Tudor / Henry Tudor School

17th June 2020

Monday June 15th 2020  |   Childcare for Years 7 - 9 from Monday June 22nd

15th June 2020

Thursday 11th June  |   School Update

11th June 2020

Thursday 11th June  |   Letters from Pembrokeshire County Council

11th June 2020

Wednesday 10th June 2020  |   Welsh Governrment Guidance For the Next Phase For Schools From June 29th

10th June 2020

Important  |   08 June 2020 - Return to School Survey - Deadline 5pm Thursday 11 June

8th June 2020

Show Choir  |   Ysgol Harri Tudur's Show Choir says Thank You to the NHS and Key Workers

8th June 2020

UPDATE  |   School Counselling Service

4th June 2020

Monday June 1st 2020  |   A message for Parents/ Carers, Students and Pupils

1st June 2020

Friday 22 May 2020  |   ClassCharts Parent Points

22nd May 2020

Year 11  |   Pembrokeshire County Council Outreach Worker Support

For best results please use the "View in full screen" button (the middle icon of three at the bottom right of the video).

21st May 2020

Virtual School Update  |   Slight Changes To The Way We Work

21st May 2020

Year 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11  |   Keeping in Touch Letters to Parents/Guardians

15th May 2020

Sixth Form Student (& Parent / Carer)  |   Letter

18th May 2020

Safeguarding  |   NSPCC & DfE Helpline

19th March 2020

IMPORTANT UPDATE  |   Tuesday May 12th

7th May 2020

Monday May 11th  |   Continue to Stay at Home in Wales

11th May 2020

Thursday 07 May 2020  |   Top Ten Tips to Support Parents During COVID-19 Restrictions

7th May 2020

Monday 04 May 2020  |   Tanyard Youth Project

4th May 2020

Information  |   Additional Needs Department

1st May 2020

Wednesday 29 April  |   Pembrokeshire Pupil Development Grant Plus

Pembrokeshire PDG Plus is a Pembrokeshire County Council scheme to help parents in difficult circumstances with school uniforms.

From April 2019, Pembrokeshire CC will offer a grant to families facing ‘exceptional circumstances’ to support school uniform and school equipment costs.

PDG plus is available for any school-age child - your child does not have to be entitled to free school meals.

29th April 2020

Pembrokeshire County Council  |   Ipad Provision

As a school, we are fully aware of the challenges so many homes face, where they are trying to access our virtual school, in a situation where there is simply not enough equipment for each child to work on.

Whilst we welcome the announcement from Pembrokeshire County Council, it is worth remembering the 500 ipads are for all schools in Pembrokeshire; primary and secondary. At the moment, there is no timescale for the release of the equipment and no process by which parents and guardians can apply for the equipment.

Given this, please remember that it is okay for children within a family to share the equipment, we understand that not all tasks will be completed. In this difficult time, we don’t want parents and carers to become stressed by incomplete work/activities. If access to equipment is a problem, it is really good to think of other forms of education. Children can help with household chores; cook a family meal; watch documentaries; help teach younger brothers and sisters timetables etc.

Pembrokeshire County Council:

Plans are being finalised to loan 500 iPads to Pembrokeshire school pupils to help them get online and aid learning at home.

The devices will help ensure that pupils without access to digital learning do not miss out while schools are closed during the coronavirus outbreak.

To ensure that pupils are able to get online, even in homes without internet access, Pembrokeshire County Council is to buy 500 4G MiFi mobile internet devices.

These will be loaned alongside the iPads to help pupils access the online learning resources organised by schools.

The 4G service will provide a basic level of content control and while not a replacement for in-school filtering, will provide restrictions for content unsuitable for children.

Schools are currently being contacted to determine supplies of iPads available for loan and to organise collection, testing and installation of relevant apps.

Where schools have insufficient devices, stock will be loaned from an alternate school or via the Hwb Transformation Programme.

Supporting packs for set up and further dedicated support is being organised.

The Council will also buy 500 tough cases to provide protection for the devices during their loan period.

It is accepted that there is the risk of damage during the loan period and neither parents nor the school would be expected to cover any cost of damage in such circumstances.

Once the method for loaning an iPad has been agreed further details will be released.

28th April 2020

Operation Encompass  |   Supporting Children Through Key Adults

All schools in Pembrokeshire currently take part in a project called Operation Encompass that runs jointly between schools and Dyfed- Powys Police as a county wide initiative.

21st April 2020

Domestic Abuse  |   Advice & Support

15th April 2020


6th April 2020

Sport  |   Sport Pembrokeshire - New Digital Learning Zone

3rd April 2020

Friday 3rd April 2020  |   KINDNESS IN A CRISIS

3rd April 2020

Learning Support  |   Support for Parents of Pupils with ALN, Learning at Home

3rd April 2020

Support  |   Resources and Information for Parents, Carers, Schools and Supporting Professionals During the Coronavirus

2nd April 2020

Monday 30th March 2020  |   Join our Rainbows of Hope Challenge.

Join our Rainbows of Hope Challenge.

30th March 2020

27th March 2020  |   Learning at Home

A message from our Deputy Head, Mr Tom Crichton about Home Learning

29th March 2020

Pupil Booklet  |   Help and advice to Support Pupils

26th March 2020

Thursday 26th March 2020  |   Young Minds Helpline

26th March 2020

25th March 2020  |   Useful web links for home learning

The school has compiled a list of websites to help with home learning.

You can find the Symbaloo Webmix by clicking this link - Ysgol Harri Tudur Symbaloo

25th March 2020

Wednesday March 25th  |   DRAMA ACTIVITIES TO DO AT HOME

25th March 2020

School Counselling Service  |   Accessing School Counselling & National Counselling Support During This Difficult Period

Information for learners, parents and staff:

25th March 2020

Things to Do  |   Recommended reads and activities

We are all understandably feeling a bit unsettled by events at the moment; one way to distract ourselves, and a proven boost to our wellbeing and mental health, as well as a great way of keeping our minds active, is to lose ourselves in a good book!

Ysgol Harri Tudur pupils and staff don't need to worry if they have books on loan from the school library – all the dates have been automatically extended until we’re back in school. Just take the time to relax and enjoy your reading!

Our Librarian, Mrs Smith, has put together some recommendations for reading-related activities, videos, author and illustrator websites, suggested good reads, etc.

Although our Library may be physically closed, Mrs Smith is happy to help with any questions regarding reading for pleasure, book recommendations, research and study skills, and print and online information sources. Just get in touch.

25th March 2020

Tuesday March 24th  |   TIPS FOR FAMILIES

24th March 2020

Important  |   5 things you need to know before sending your children to school or childcare (coronavirus)

24th March 2020

PCC Inclusion Service  |   ALN resources and Links for Parents and Schools

24th March 2020

23 March 2020  |   Am I a 'critical worker' in the COVID-19 response?

23rd March 2020

COVID-19  |   5 things you need to know before sending your children to school or childcare

Today the Welsh Government have released updated guidance on access to schools and childcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please follow the link below:

5 things you need to know before sending your children to school or childcare

22nd March 2020

Useful Learning Websites  |   Additional Website Links for Pupils

20th March 2020

Pembrokeshire Music Service  |   New Digital Learning Zone

In light of the current Covid19 situation, Pembrokeshire Music Service have created a secure digital learning platform for all learners to access continued music provision (via Hwb).

The ‘PMS Learning Zone’ includes links to a variety of tutorials and resources which will hopefully encourage pupils to continue to practice their instruments at home. It also provides a ‘fun zone’ with links to entertaining music videos and performances.

Importantly, the platform is for all students to access, whether or not they currently gain tuition from the Music Service. The learning zone will provide resources across all instrument families and grades (from pre grade 1 to grade 8).

The platform is now ‘live’! However please note that this fantastic resource has only been created within the last 7 days and will evolve and grow in the days and weeks to come as Music Service staff populate the learning zone with new material.

Any queries about ‘PMS Learning Zone’, please feel free to get in touch with the music service via

19th March 2020

Kirsty Williams, Minister for Education  |   Written Statement on Summer Examinations 2020

Written Statement on Summer Examinations 2020

19th March 2020

Military Prep School  |   Update

Military Preparation School – Covid-19 Update

If the image below is too small to read on your device, please go to the download link here:


18th March 2020

Wednesday 18 March 2020  |   A message from the Acting Director for Children and Schools, Steven Richards-Downes

18th March 2020

PIAP  |   Post Inspection Action Plan Meeting Held with Parents

Members of the Governing Body and the Senior Leadership Team met with parents to respond to any questions regarding the School's Post Inspection Action Plan ( PIAP )

16th January 2020

Reminder  |   Drop Off/Pick Up Zone

Use of School Drop Off/Pick Up Zones

When dropping off or picking up pupils please ensure the Drop Off and Pick Up Zones are used.

13th January 2020

Safety  |   Travelling to and from school

Staff, Pupils and Parents are reminded to take care when travelling to and from school, by whatever means, whilst on both public access roads and pavements and the school campus. All are asked to ensure they adhere to road signs, in particular road speed and parking/dropping off zones, and to use appropriate crossing points as necessary. With poor weather and low light conditions all are requested to take extra attention to their own and others safety.

29th November 2019

Reading Reminder  |   Pupil Reading Books

Pupil Reading Books

A reminder to parents and pupils that pupils should always have a reading book in their bag. This could be a book being read for pleasure or one for studying in school.

26th November 2019

INSET  |   Additional INSET Day Closure Update

Additional INSET Day Closure Update

Additional INSET day - Monday June 8th 2020 - Please note that Welsh Government has enabled all schools in Wales to have and extra INSET day to prepare for the introduction of the National Curriculum for Wales. This will take place on Monday June 8th 2020

20th August 2019

Calendar  |   Parent Calendar 2019-20

28th October 2019

Mobile Phones  |   Mobile Phones at Ysgol Harri Tudur

Mobile Phones at Ysgol Harri Tudur

6th September 2019

Exams  |   Celebrating some excellent GCSE Results

Ysgol Harri Tudur/ Henry Tudor School is celebrating some excellent GCSE results this morning (Thursday 22nd August 2019) and is absolutely delighted to have made some significantly measurable % improvements and to have achieved some very pleasing results at GCSE in its first year as a new school.

Today is about celebrating the achievements of all Year 11 pupils who are all individual, have their own talents and strengths. There have been some outstanding individual performances from many pupils. There have also been some pupils who have surprised themselves with very positive outcomes.

Mrs Kite and the Governing Body would like to congratulate all Year 11 pupils and thank staff and parents for their hard work and support in securing some strong and improving outcomes. We are exceptionally proud of our pupils’ successes and we wish all our Year 11 pupils, whether they are progressing to Sixth Form, college, undertaking further education or securing apprenticeships or employment, the very best of fortune in their future endeavours. Best of luck to you all.

22nd August 2019

Dates  |   Important forthcoming dates

INSET Day Closures

Friday April 3rd 2020

Monday July 20th 2020

Additional INSET day - Monday June 8th 2020 - Please note that Welsh Government has enabled all schools in Wales to have and extra INSET day to prepare for the introduction of the National Curriculum for Wales. This will take place on Monday June 8th 2020

20th August 2019

Data Protection  |   PCC Schools Data Protection Policy

Pembrokeshire County Council's Data Protection Policy is now available on our Policies page.

16th July 2019

Curriculum  |   More Curriculum Maps added

We have added curriculum maps for several more subject areas, showing which areas pupils study in which terms. 


15th May 2019

Privacy Notices  |   New Privacy Notices Published

We have published privacy notices providing information on how we manage the personal information of pupils, parents/carers/guardians and members of staff, in accordance with local authority and governmental direction.

These privacy notices, along with our other written policies, can be found at any time on the School Policies page.

12th April 2019

Trespassing  |   Pupils trespassing on Bush House property

A small number of pupils have been trespassing on Bush House land on their way to and from school. Pupils seen have been in uniform and are being captured on CCTV by Bush House.

If this trespassing continues Bush House will use this CCTV coverage to contact the police and undertake prosecution action.

Please keep to the public paths to access school.

8th April 2019

Curriculum  |   New Curriculum for Wales coming soon

In March 2014 Professor Graham Donaldson was asked to conduct a fundamental review of curriculum and assessment arrangements from Foundation Phase to Key Stage 4.

Ysgol Harri Tudur is not responsible for the content of third-party websites.


5th April 2019

Estyn inspection  |   Information about our inspection report

On 19th November 2018, Estyn arrived at the school for inspection week. We have summarised their report (published on 24th January 2019) for parents and carers. In addition, we have written to parents/carers to address certain matters arising from the Estyn report.

These letters were sent home to parents on 24th January 2019.

24th January 2019